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26 May Stella’s Day

This video was the start of a big change in my life.  I never really had a dog growing up, but after spending time with Jen’s family as well as other friends I started to want one.  We searched long and hard for the right breed and after a lengthy debate landed on Boston Terriers.  As soon as we decided, we could only ask ourselves why it took so long.  We watched endless amounts of YouTube videos as well as reading all about the breed and eventually found this video.  We were in love.  So much so, that we called our BT Stella.

There was more than just the boston terrier that I liked about this video though.  The story, the video shooting, the quality all added up to a really nice package.  It was one of the first videos shot with a HDSLR that had that “wow” factor…and it made me want a good video camera too (which I got).

Do I have regrets?  Um…well…that’s a story for a different time…

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