Quick Update

Well, Facebook has definitely taken over my life. But, I’m feeling the siren call of this poor neglected domain more and more. So, what have I missed in…2 (oh gosh!)…years?

Here’s us:

1. The house is still standing, and we LOVE IT. I love my yard, I love my kitchen, I love our town. Love love love.

2. We got a puppy. Her name is Stella (or if you’re me-Stella Baby) and she’s the ornery-est Boston Terrier in the world.

3. And lastly, I am 24 weeks pregnant. Very excited about this one. :) Our little guy is treating me well, and if it weren’t for Stella’s puppy antics, I would have nothing to complain about.

Also wanted to put out there that I will be (hopefully) blogging more frequently. Now that I actually have things to talk about. Since we’re little people, there are a lot of factors we have to consider when we purchase things for Baby K, so I thought I’d drag you guys along for the ride.

Dave is working on a new “look” for this place, and I’m going to be putting it out there a little more via Facebook and Twitter (@unmerited).

See you soon!

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  1. Hi Jenny!
    I was just thinking about you guys the other day!
    Congratulations on being pregnant! Ultrasounds look good? I hope so, praying for you and dave!

  2. Jen

    Hey Jacquelyn!! Ultrasounds are great, and the amnio confirmed a healthy baby boy. We are so thankful. :)

  3. Amanda Joy

    So I actually check your page frequently to see if you update….so i’m super happy you going to be updating more! I Have a request though…PICTURES lots of them :) i love you!!

  4. Jen

    Definitely Amanda! Especially my kitchen since I love it so much. :) And of course, as we get the bedrooms ready for guests and babies we’ll update those pictures too. Love you!!

  5. Laurie Lou

    Yea! you’re back. I love your blog :)

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