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04 Sep My Five [Tech]

My boss/pastor asked me to send out a little survey to find out some information about leaders in our denomination. They were fairly simple questions like “What are the top 5 books you’ve read in the past 3 years”. I think it will be interesting to hear what comes back in the results.

That led me to a question of my own- What are the top 5 pieces of technology that make my job easier/better? Well, without further due, here they are:

5. Amazon Prime – I’ve mentioned this a time or two before, but I just love this service. Amazon as we all know has pretty much everything under the sun. Add to that the idea of getting it shipped to you in two days for free or overnight for just $4 and you have a winning combination. With gas prices and time being as tight as they are, this service just makes it easier for me to get what I need quickly and cheaply.

4. Scansnap Sheetfed Scanner – from the moment I plugged this thing in I was in awe. Scanning documents used to be a big pain in the neck, but the scansnap is…well…a snap! Drop in your document, hit the big green button, and within seconds it scans and drops everything into a PDF. No more flipping through file folders looking for certain documents…all it takes is a keyword search and I have the document on my screen.

3. Dropbox/Mozy – until I actually had a job I didn’t really see the value in online storage solutions, but within the first few weeks my eyes were opened. I used a flash drive to transfer files back and forth between home and work, but I would forget it or forget to save it on the drive and it quickly became a pain. So, dropbox allows me to sync files between home and work so I don’t have to worry about what is here or there. Mozy backs up my documents to an offsite location which is particularly handy when I’m using the scansnap to scan documents and I no longer have hard copies.

2. Adobe Illustrator – oh wow, what can I say about this program…I would be lost without it! Everything from brainstorming, to print graphics, to powerpoint presentations are worked out in illustrator. At first I didn’t get it and I still have trouble jumping from Illustrator to Photoshop, but Illustrator definitely makes sense to me and I can make it do just about whatever I want. My only complaint is that I wish Adobe would make something for presentations so I could avoid dealing with Powerpoint!

1. THE iPhone. – it’s no secret that I’m a fan of this little piece of genius. It’s one of those devices that you wonder how you did life before you had it! It’s essentially a computer in my pocket, constantly within reach of the web, my photos, my music, and of course the phone and texting isn’t bad either.

So that’s it. What would be on your list?

  • orrin
    Posted at 07:33h, 04 September Reply

    Mozy is awesome… I’m still paying the $5 a month but haven’t backed anything up since Feb because my machine has been kind of unstable due to hardware issues.. but totally worth it. I’m disappointed that they increased their prices to get the data delivered to you on DVD via FedEx.

    Right now I’m really liking my combination of Outlook/ActiveSync/Google Calendar. I have to use Outlook at work, but I use ActiveSync to get sync with my phone and the Google Cal Sync from Google to sync between Outlook and GCal. So I can put a new entry on my phone, Outlook, or even Google Calendar and within seconds (or at the start of my next work day) everything gets synced. The real power..which I have yet to find a huge use for is sharing the Google calendar to anyone. I think it is is neat.

    Oh I’m also loving Hamachi and Rhythmbox’s DAAP feature.

  • David (Marketing Integrity)
    Posted at 22:25h, 20 April Reply

    My 5:

    5. FileZilla
    4. Photoshop
    3. Tweetdeck
    2. WordPress
    1. Google Reader

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