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09 Jul iPhone Day.

After a year of waiting, I’m finally going to become an iPhone owner this week…but not like you might think. When the iPhone came out I debated getting one, but at the time I didn’t need a new phone, Jen did. So she got one and I was forced to envy hers. Christmas rolled around and she decided to splurge and get one for me, but after some careful consideration I decided to hold off and see what was around the corner. Sure enough, just a few days later information started to surface about the 3G version…

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when the iPhone 3G was announced. I was overall happy about the announcement and especially the price, but it was short lived when the new plans from AT&T were announced. It may be $200 cheaper than the first generation…but over the period of 2 years it ends out costing $160 more…and continues to be more every month. I would rather pay more upfront and not over a long period of time (and that’s true of anything).

So, I debated and crunched the numbers over and over but just couldn’t justify the extra cost for GPS & 3G. Especially when 3G doesn’t yet cover my area. So, I hit up craigslist and ebay and eventually found an unopened first gen iPhone and bought it yesterday. It should be in Thursday or Friday and while everyone else is waiting in line and signing the next two years of their life away, I’ll quietly activate my phone from home and be happy with the upgrade.

a year of patiently, patiently waiting…and while I could have bought one long ago, I think it was a valuable lesson to be learned and I’m proud of myself for waiting so long.

  • orrin
    Posted at 23:03h, 13 July Reply

    Yeah.. Apple builds for the consumer.. and the consumer has usually been ready to upgrade (and pay through the nose for it) sooner then someone like I would.

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