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05 Jun no man’s land

Well…today sucked. That’s pretty much the only way I know to sum it up. Jen’s youngest sister is graduating from hight school tomorrow and to be there for occasion, Jen was scheduled to fly out today and fly back Monday. “Was” is the keyword.

About 45 minutes into the 2 hour & 15 minute drive the car freaked out. Battery light came on to start, then the temp gauge was peaking and I knew we needed to pull over ASAP. As we were pulling over I realized that the power steering was gone. After some quick checking and research we figured out that a belt broke which controlled the issues above. So yeah…the car is broke down, problem #1. Problem #2- Jen is most likely going to miss her flight. If it would have happened 30 minutes before, or 90 minutes later we would have been fine. But as it turned out we were in no man’s land…and our only option was to forget about the flight and just get the car back home. So…a call to my father and then an hour wait for him to come with the trailer.

We got back fine and the car will be OK (I HOPE!). But Jen’s going to miss her sister’s graduation and it just sucks…but what can you do. On top of all that, it was 90′ outside today so during our hour wait, Jen got a serious sun burn. I told her her arms look like imitation crab meat. (see above picture)

So…yeah, bad day. Service manual is on the way for the car, already have the parts, so hopefully over the next 2-3 days we’ll be back in working order.

  • Cindy Swanson
    Posted at 11:44h, 10 June Reply

    Poor Jen…that really does stink. And her poor arms! Sometimes you just can’t win for losin’. Hope today is much better.

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